Lucas: Our Very Hungry Caterpillar

Written by his parents: Lindsey and Kyle


Having a child with Autism is difficult to put into words. Every situation and challenge is unique.  The uncertainty of daily life puts pressure on everyone in the family; describing it and trying to get assistance only left us more confused.

DSC03438When we were first introduced to ABC, Lucas was in his own world and we couldn’t break through.  Frustrations were high and temper tantrums were often; Lots of crying and not a routine to speak of. He didn’t have the tools to communicate with anyone.  Our lives revolved around what he could handle and our family didn’t spend a lot of happy quality time together.

On his first day at ABC, everything began to change.  The therapists found what motivated him and set goals for his development.  His confidence quickly grew. As soon as one skill was mastered, the next came easier and he quickly began building his accomplishments.  At one time I wondered if we would have conversations; now I find myself trying to find the words to answer his questions!  Most recently, he asked, ‘Mommy, what did you do today?”  My response startled him as I gasped and scooped him up into a bear hug! I couldn’t contain my excitement with his unprompted, thoughtful question.

DSC02588Through his programs at ABC, Lucas learned the foundation of phonics, reading, numbers, writing, and social skills.  He loves to read books at home (I couldn’t get him to sit long enough before) and play games or imagine with his sister.  Their relationship is flourishing!  He refers to his friends and his therapists by name when talking about them and looks forward to seeing them daily.  They are able to intertwine life and behavior skills with fun so he will not get overwhelmed.  Participating in a classroom-style setting has shown him what will be expected when he begins school. This has given our little guy time to adjust and prepare for kindergarten (Lucas will be transitioning into a mainstream kindergarten classroom unassisted this Fall).

One of his most beloved books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, describes his journey perfectly…Day by day; the caterpillar ate and ate, learned and learned, more and more until he emerged as a beautiful butterfly. Lucas is thriving! He is charming, friendly, loving, DSC05277inquisitive, caring, honest, and funny; there is no shortage of words to describe him. We are thankful that he is able to share his infectious smile with the world.  Lucas is eager to start Kindergarten and has found a love of learning and relationships through ABC.  He will, undoubtingly miss his ABC family as much as we will.

With much love and gratitude the Nusekabels.


–Lindsey, Kyle, Lisa (and of course, our spunky little Lucas)

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One thought on “Lucas: Our Very Hungry Caterpillar

  1. Beverly Nuskabel-Petras -

    Lucas is my Grandson. I could not be more proud of his accomplishments. I was totally aware of the challenges that were occurring for Lucas and his family, but I had no idea how I could possibly help. It seemed all I could muster up was to just love him to pieces and know that things will work out. Kyle and Lindsey sure got a curve ball with Lucas being their first born child. They were new at all of this and the road laid for them became a very scary one to travel indeed. Through perseverance and love the two found a way to get the help they needed for their son, (Lucas.) It is true, Lucas has gone from quiet and withdrawn to outgoing and will not stop talking. He loves music, and singing and dancing and has a mind like a steel trap. He would have never come this far without the ABC Learning center. They knew exactly what to do, and they made it happen and the results are amazing. Thank you ABC for seeing the beauty and abilities in Lucas and helping him to find the way to open up and shine all he can. Lucas has come a very very long way and I look forward to seeing what Lucas has to achieve in his future. Grandma Bev Loves you to the Moon and Back One Million Times. xxoo

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