Colin’s Story: ABA and Education

Colin was a beautiful baby and he was always happy. He once won free Earth’s Best baby food and paraphernalia when we posted a video showing how excited he was to eat their baby food! We noticed early on that he didn’t make eye contact a lot but didn’t make much of it. As he got older, we saw that his speech was delayed and we enrolled him in First Steps.
After one misdiagnosis, he was correctly diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 ½. We were somewhat prepared for the diagnosis but still we were crushed. Many of the dreams that come with having a child were now put into question; for example, going to college, getting married, and finding a great career. We researched ABA therapy and enrolled Colin at ABC right away to help give him every chance in life.
Colin has made great progress. As a result of therapy at ABC, he has acquired countless skills; for example, he can now call me “Mommy,” he can tell us what he wants to eat, and he can tell us to stop whatever may be annoying him. We have approached ABC for help with many of Colin’s behaviors as he has gotten older and they have always worked with us to try to help.
One of our big goals is for Colin to stay in general education with ABA support for as long as possible and ABC has been a great ally in working towards this goal. He is now a 3rd grader and studies with neuro-typical peers in a general education class. Of course Colin struggles and it is sometimes hard for him to keep up with his peers, but with great support from ABC Colin has grown to be a fine 8 year-old-boy who loves swimming, music, playing the piano, hiking, and race cars.
-Hiroko, mother of Colin

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