Coloring the World, One Piece at a Time

“Before Reagun started attending ABC he was nonverbal, non responsive to certain situations, unsocial and aggressive. ABC has been a gift from GOD. The therapists and staff have worked with him on educational based learning, as well as, offered him specific based learning to help in the areas he needed to strengthen. Reagun had began speaking in the last six months. He began interacting with me. I’ve waited four patient years to color with Reagun. He just had no interest. We color with chalk the whole neighborhood now. He also voluntarily hugged another child at the center, when before he could not be around another child without aggression. ABC offered Reagun the ability of trained therapists and staff to work one on one and create an environment that is healthy, educational and fun! I drove from Vincennes, IN to Terre Haute, IN twice daily and it was well worth it! I am truly grateful for the hard work and diligence of ABC.” -Amanda, mother of Reagun

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your child?  Contact Jane Grimes, Enrollment Director, at 317-849-KIDS, Ext. 104.

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