The Monge Family and ABC

“While stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia, Brock and Brody were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by a Developmental Pediatrician. My little guys were lucky enough to be diagnosed and receive early intervention at a very young age.  Brody was 2y3 months and Brock was 1y8 months. Although the rate of Autism is on the rise in the United States and even more so in the military community, my family and I had very little knowledge to what ASD was and more importantly what it meant for our little guys.

After researching options, I enrolled the boys in applied behavior therapy (ABA) and they received ABA for one year, prior to moving to Greenwood, Indiana. In May of 2016, I flew to Greenwood to visit potential ABA centers for Brock and Brody. Although they are only two of our four children, their education became our priority due to the vulnerability they face being Autistic. After leaving a center in tears because I felt hopeless, a nurse (and dear friend) at our pediatricians’ office said “hey, what about this new place…they are calling it ABC….”

I had to catch my flight back to I took the information down, verified with insurance and scheduled a visit with a friend of mine with the Applied Behavior Center for Autism (ABC). After a very intense visit and several phone calls, I registered both of my precious boys to start ABA in July 2016.

It has not been a full year of ABA at ABC for both Brock and Brody. Looking back over the year, there have been so many positive changes not only for the little guys, but also for our whole family.

Brody’s biggest accomplishment has been his ability to vocalize his needs! On July 13, 2016 he was vocalizing at a level 1, which was 0-18 month age group. One year later, he is speaking initiating two-word demands and learning to use his words to communicate. My favorite part of his new vocabulary is the use of words to identify his family! “Momma” and “”Dayee” melt our hearts every single time they are spoken! Brody has also touched our hearts by expressing his love to us! Giving us a hug, kiss, “knuckles” and thumbs-up are a part of our daily routine! Most impressively are the skills Brody has learned with potty-training. Transitioning from Virginia to Indiana, he regressed to a pullup and refused to potty-train. One year later, he spends most of his days in underwear and LOVES using the big boy potty!!

Brock is one of the sweetest boys around! He is a little tougher to reach yet his successes are just as amazing! In the past year, Brock has improved from babbling to speaking several words! Brock has struggled with eye contact for most of his young life, yet after working hard with ABC he is now making eye contact and has responded to his name with 90.77% independence after 3 months!! Brock has learned to express his needs through the utilization of PECS and communication through holding a hand.

ABC as a whole has touched our whole family. ABC is not one therapist or one program writer, ABC has been a whole team, which very much includes my husband I, with the common goal of maximizing Brock and Brody’s potential and allowing them to be very happy in their learning environment. Every morning, the staff is excited and receptive on arrival. Brock and Brody are greeted with enthusiasm and love. From the director on down, I feel like my feelings and concerns, as a mother, are heard and valued. I have enjoyed watching my boys progress and I am very excited to watch them grow and learn. I am grateful for ABC. Being a mother of two boys with Autism, each child is treated as an individual and their plan of care is updated continually to maximize their therapy and outcomes. The Monge Family is beyond grateful for the services and staff at ABC, we know they love and care for Brock and Brody as much as we do….well, almost!” –Lisa Monge, mother of Brock age 4 and Brody age 5

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your child?  Contact Jane Grimes, Enrollment Director, at 317-849-KIDS, Ext. 104.

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