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An ABC Story: Caleb’s Transition

Caleb has been going to ABC since June 2017 when we moved to Westfield from the Cincinnati area. Caleb had been receiving ABA therapy services for a little over a year in Cincinnati before we moved and we knew from that experience that we wanted to continue his ABA therapy treatment. We did some research online and connected with ABC after discovering they had a location close to our new home and reading positive testimonials online. The process of getting Caleb enrolled there was pretty easy for us because ABC really took the lead on getting ABA approved by our insurance. Jane Grimes, the ABC contact that we worked with to get Caleb enrolled, was awesome in working with our insurance to get the necessary approvals and communicating with us throughout the process. Once our insurance gave ABC the approval, Caleb started within days which was excellent for us as we wanted to avoid a long period where he wasn’t getting ABA therapy. Caleb’s transition to ABC after starting could not have gone smoother. Like many kids with autism, transitions can be difficult and stressful for Caleb. We were amazed at how excited Caleb was even on his very first […]

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Back to School?!? Noooooo…

By Angela Bricker, Ed.D, BCBA-D Hopefully everyone has had an enjoyable summer and you have been able to get some rest and have some fun!  Now, just as your children are getting adjusted to the their summer routines…it is time to switch it up again. As your child begins the transition back to school, you may find that there are new challenges that come with the new school year. (Fun) Does your child have a new teacher or a new school?, How long have they been away from their routine?,  New clothes, New Shoes, New Supplies, etc. For some parents, getting their children back into the school routine is a blessing, but for other parents whose kids are faced with new school environments, new teachers or a school year beginning when the last one didn’t end on a good note…is enough to make a parent throw a tantrum. Here are some tips to help you get through the back to school blues: Create a social story or picture schedule for school routines. Start reviewing this a few weeks in advance. Work with the teacher or a behavior specialist to create a reinforcement system. Use this system to reward your child […]

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An ABC Story: Missing Milestones to Typical Brother Behavior

Bruno was diagnosed with Autism on July 14th, 2015. I had noticed symptoms as early as a year; by the time he was 18 months, he was missing milestones and not showing appropriate social behavior. I was devastated. I immediately began researching therapy options and felt that the best decision would be to enroll him in an ABA program full time. I chose The Applied Behavior Center for Autism because they are the largest and oldest ABA provider in the state; and just as importantly, they’ve also been an incredible source of support to me. ABC worked with me through the appeal process when insurance denied coverage. At one point, after the second request for services was denied, I spoke with the Director of Business Development about my frustration and she assured me that they wouldn’t give up; they would keep working to get Bruno’s  ABA approved no matter how long it took. Not only did ABC help me achieve my goal of getting treatment for my oldest son, the staff at the Carmel center has helped Bruno achieve more progress than I ever thought possible. He can now effectively communicate his needs and is also very skilled at communicating […]

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