An ABC Story: Caleb’s Transition

Caleb has been going to ABC since June 2017 when we moved to Westfield from the Cincinnati area. Caleb had been receiving ABA therapy services for a little over a year in Cincinnati before we moved and we knew from that experience that we wanted to continue his ABA therapy treatment. We did some research online and connected with ABC after discovering they had a location close to our new home and reading positive testimonials online.

The process of getting Caleb enrolled there was pretty easy for us because ABC really took the lead on getting ABA approved by our insurance. Jane Grimes, the ABC contact that we worked with to get Caleb enrolled, was awesome in working with our insurance to get the necessary approvals and communicating with us throughout the process. Once our insurance gave ABC the approval, Caleb started within days which was excellent for us as we wanted to avoid a long period where he wasn’t getting ABA therapy.

Caleb’s transition to ABC after starting could not have gone smoother. Like many kids with autism, transitions can be difficult and stressful for Caleb. We were amazed at how excited Caleb was even on his very first visit for the assessment. He grabbed one of the teachers hands and went into a classroom without even looking back! I think a big reason for Caleb’s smooth transition was how enthusiastic and welcoming the entire staff was at the Carmel location. They made Caleb and us feel right at home from the start, which was very reassuring to all of us.

Even though it has only been about 3 months since Caleb started at ABC, we have already seen a lot of progress. He is so excited to go to school every morning which speaks to the environment that the entire staff creates for the students at the ABC Carmel location. We have noticed improvements in his communication, eye contact, social skills, and quality of his speech already since he started receiving ABA therapy.

Caleb’s biggest challenge has been his speech development. Due to his ABA therapy, he now communicates more frequently and his speech is developing very steadily. Where he used to have a tantrum because he couldn’t communicate his wants and needs, he can now tell us if he needs a drink, what he wants to eat for dinner, or that wants to play with a puzzle. When he sees his family members, now he not only says Hi to them and calls them by name, but he looks them in the eye and loves to give them hugs when he sees them. Every night, he can now say ‘I love you Daddy’ and ‘I Love you Mommy’. These may seem like small things but considering how far he has come, they mean the world to us!

His program coordinator Sarah also meets with Liz and I monthly to review Caleb’s goals, treatment plan, and progress towards his goals. These meetings are extremely beneficial to us as his parents to know how he is progressing at school and what we can do at home to reinforce the concepts he is learning at ABC.

Like many families who have children with autism, it can be overwhelming at times. ABC has been a huge asset to our family in helping develop a plan for Caleb. Early intervention with ABA therapy has had a huge impact on Caleb and it has given us hope and optimism for his bright future!!

Aaron, Father of Caleb Age 4

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your child?  Contact Jane Grimes, Enrollment Director, at 317-849-KIDS, Ext. 104.

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