An ABC Story: Learning to Communicate

May of 2016, at the age of 2, our son Kooper, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Severe Expressive and Receptive language disorder. Our world was flipped upside down and we were left with all this information on our lap about a diagnosis that we’ve only heard about. Kooper had in home therapy for about a year, and nothing seemed to work. We would see some improvement, but the lack of consistency really affected his progress. We were left feeling very defeated and heartbroken for our son. Luckily, our area had a center that specialized in Autism, and we took a gamble after his psychologist suggested we look into it. And going forward a year later, we couldn’t be more thankful for the progress that he has made!

I remember when Kooper first started attending the Richmond Center, and we were so overwhelmed with the little goals Kooper hit. We always said we couldn’t wait to see the progress he makes at the year mark. Kooper became easily frustrated, and usually was in his own world when he got overstimulated. His lack of being able to communicate his wants left him a very upset little guy. After a lot of work from all the therapist that work one on one with him, he  spoke his first phrase and it has stayed with him! “Ah duh,” which to him is his “all done.” So he can communicate when he is finished with something. He will even sign it as well! He has picked up on several signs and can do them without prompting. Kooper will now play on playground equipment, and even chooses what he wants to do. Kooper has always been stubborn and tried to be self sufficient, but now I feel like his signing gives him the independence that he used to lack.

ABC has been god sent for us. It has made our son’s life so much easier. And as a parent, I feel like I finally have a bond with my son that was lacking because I didn’t know how to understand him and communicate. It’s the worst feeling in the world to know your child needs you, but can’t tell you how. After struggling with this disorder for over 3 years, I can finally say that I know my son! We credit ABC for introducing us to our son, and for teaching us how to understand him and his gift. We will forever be grateful for this experience!

-The Eversole Family


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