An ABC Story: Missing Milestones to Typical Brother Behavior

Bruno was diagnosed with Autism on July 14th, 2015. I had noticed symptoms as early as a year; by the time he was 18 months, he was missing milestones and not showing appropriate social behavior.

I was devastated. I immediately began researching therapy options and felt that the best decision would be to enroll him in an ABA program full time.

I chose The Applied Behavior Center for Autism because they are the largest and oldest ABA provider in the state; and just as importantly, they’ve also been an incredible source of support to me. ABC worked with me through the appeal process when insurance denied coverage. At one point, after the second request for services was denied, I spoke with the Director of Business Development about my frustration and she assured me that they wouldn’t give up; they would keep working to get Bruno’s  ABA approved no matter how long it took.

Not only did ABC help me achieve my goal of getting treatment for my oldest son, the staff at the Carmel center has helped Bruno achieve more progress than I ever thought possible. He can now effectively communicate his needs and is also very skilled at communicating his wants! It’s been amazing to watch him engage with his peers by just simply saying “Hi! My name is Bruno!”. A year ago, he may not have even noticed another child in the room; to now see his excitement in his own ability to initiate an interaction means more than I can put into words.

Bruno has been so successful at The Applied Behavior Center for Autism that I did not hesitate to enroll my second son, Beau. On July 22, 2016, my 17-month-old was diagnosed with Autism. I had known that as a sibling of a child on the spectrum, Beau was at an increased risk. His symptoms were far less severe, but his social communication just wasn’t developing in a typical manner. His diagnosis came almost exactly a year after Bruno’s; it was surreal, to go through the same emotional roller coaster all over again.

The only silver lining was that within a week of receiving his diagnosis, ABC was working with the insurance company to get Beau enrolled. They saved a spot in the program for him and had therapists on staff waiting for him to start, while they appealed numerous denials by our insurance. He was officially approved to begin therapy just days before his second birthday; because of the center’s diligence and commitment, Beau will receive an entire year of ABA therapy that his older brother did not. Beginning at such a young age has had such a big impact on Beau’s progress; he is now talking at an age appropriate level and no longer needs any additional speech therapy!

I’m so grateful to The Applied Behavior Center for making my boys’ progress possible. Since starting at the center both of them have grown so much. They now play together, share toys, talk to each other when they’re supposed to be in bed asleep, get sad when the other isn’t around, get jealous when I’m paying attention to one and not the other, and fight…just like typical brothers. I couldn’t be more proud of my boys and how far they’ve come!

-Kelsey White, Mother of Bruno age 5 and Beau age 2

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