An ABC Story: Bentley Breaks the Odds

Bentley was born premature at only 4 pounds 4 ounces. I was terrified and had to have an emergency c-section. He was tiny but healthy and seem to hit all his milestones until he turned 1. That’s when I noticed he wasn’t starting to talk. He babbled dada dada all day long, but that was about it. I thought he was delayed and not around other children, so it was okay.

When he was 2 I put him in daycare to try and help him start talking and being social. He did not do well in daycare.  He would hit the other children and have meltdowns all the time. He wouldn’t sit still long enough to eat or do activities with the other children. That’s when the red flags became clear. After lots of denial and tears I made him a doctors appointment and began the process of an Autism diagnosis.

At 3, I put him in developmental preschool that was 2 hours a day 5 days a week. He still struggled socially and could not communicate. I started looking into other alternatives for him and came across Aba therapy,  so I joined some Facebook support groups and read all the stories about how Aba worked wonders. It took me a year to get him into Aba because of the hoops medicaid put us through, and Bentley finally started shortly after turning four.

Nine months later he is talking more and more everyday. He is now potty trained, not hitting, and is more grounded. He is excited to go to ABC everyday and see his friends. I don’t know where Bentley would be without ABA therapy, but ABC has changed our lives. The joy I feel in my heart watching him beat the odds everyday is amazing! Thank you ABC for changing our lives and giving us hope!

-Stacy, Mother of Bentley Age 5

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