Where Should We Turn?

When our son Jayce was first diagnosed we weren’t sure where to start.  Our 2 year old had gone from grinning and engaging with us to not even acknowledging we were in the same room or even smiling for pictures.  We were devastated and had no idea what was going on or that we would ever get to see the boy we knew again.

We had heard of the great success stories parents of children on the spectrum were seeing through ABA and knew that was where Jayce belonged, but we didn’t know how to start the process.  So I turned to the internet and found The Applied Behavior Center for Autism (ABC) and at that point everything became so easy.  We didn’t have to deal with insurance or filling out the tireless repetitive forms.  It was a breath of fresh air in a whirlwind of paperwork that I had already been filling out and re-filling out for his other programs.  ABC at that time was solely based out of Indianapolis but they traveled to Terre Haute several times to make sure Jayce and I understood the program and felt 100% comfortable before beginning therapy.

It wasn’t long after therapy started that Jayce began following instructions and most importantly he would grin and run to us when we would get home from work.  These were some of the most exciting moments, AND THEN he started asking for his cup!  He was completely nonverbal when he started the program and now we are up to 2 and 3 words at a time.   He surprises us almost every day with something new.  I honestly do not know what we would do without ABC and all of his supporters there.

The team at ABC hasn’t just helped Jayce, they have helped US as a family.  We understand more about Jayce and how to incorporate what he is learning in therapy at home.  They have even become advocates for me when it comes to school meetings and speaking with his teachers.   They are always more than willing to be at those meetings with me and help bridge the gap between school and therapy.

All of the therapists at ABC have become our Autism family, and we absolutely couldn’t be more proud of Jayce and his progress.

-Jessica, Mother of Jayce

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