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What Are You Saying!?! – How to Decode ‘ABA Speak’ in Regards to Verbal Behavior

As you enter the world of ABA therapy for your child with autism, you will likely encounter a strange language.  ABA itself is an acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis.  What this means for you as a parent is that we focus on increasing socially-desired behaviors and decreasing problematic behaviors.   We use data to analyze your child’s behavior levels and make changes based on that data to either increase or decrease the targeted behavior. At the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, we pride ourselves on communicating with parents in ways that are easy to understand.  Although we speak in user-friendly terms, it is important to understand the differences in language functions and how they impact your child’s therapy.  Here are the most common ABA terms that you will hear, from time-to-time, in parent meetings or when looking at your child’s program:   Mand: a request that your child makes for what they want or need Examples: Asking for a snack, asking to go to the bathroom, asking for information Tact: labeling something Examples: seeing snow fall and saying “snow!”, smelling popcorn and saying “I smell popcorn!”, being asked “What is it?” when shown a ball and then saying “ball” Listener Responding: […]

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