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Toys & Games To Help Build Speech & Language Skills

Shopping List Ideas – Toys & Games to Help Build Speech & Language Skills  It’s that time of year!  One thing I am often asked by parents is suggestions for toys or activities they might be able to gift their children for the holidays which could help with building speech and language skills.  Below you will find some of my favorites: Stacking Sets These are toys that may seem simple but can be great to start to work on early problem solving skills, colors, shapes, spatial concepts (on top, underneath, next to, etc.), quantitative concepts (more, most, least, less), and qualitative concepts (biggest, smallest, etc.).  With endless possibilities of putting them together, it’s a toy that could provide hours of fun! Mr. Potato Head This is a toy that has been in my toy bag since I first became an SLP.  This toy allows children to start to recognize body parts (“Find Mr. Potato Head’s eyes, now find your eyes.”), colors, and shapes.  Also, it can help with learning prepositions (“Put the nose ON Mr. Potato Head,” “Put the shoes IN Mr. Potato Head’s back.”) Don’t be surprised if your child starts to verbally label items and narrate the adventures […]

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