Autism: Now What?


Five Simple Steps for Moving Forward


Realize that you are not alone

It will be okay. You are not alone in this. Feeling overwhelmed is a perfectly natural phase of this process. So many families, including our Founder and President Sherry Quinn’s family, have once been where you are now. Please allow yourself a moment to breathe. We cannot stress it enough, you are NOT alone in this. What you are feeling right now is normal and it will be okay.


Getting the Diagnosis

ABC has two Clinical Psychologists serving as our Diagnostic Specialists, Dr. Jerome Modlik, Psy. D. and Dr. Brad Beebe, Ph.D., BCBA-D.

Our team is able to get families in for testing within 1-2 weeks time. (Other companies can take 6-12 months). On the day of testing we give families a same-day verbal diagnosis to eliminate the long wait for answers.


Processing Insurance

Our team of trained experts will take care of all insurance processing on your behalf. This full-service processing is offered at no cost to families. We will fight for you and find the best coverage options possible.


Initial Evaluation

After insurance is processed, your child will come in for an initial evaluation assessment (60-90 minutes) with our Board Certified Behavior Analysts or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts. At this time, our team will develop a completely unique one-on-one therapy plan catered entirely around your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Getting Results

As your child progresses, so does his or her therapy program. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst supervising his or her case meets with their therapists on an ongoing basis. At that time, they review your child’s progress and modify the program accordingly to ensure that the child is always moving forward. This is a scientifically proven strategy for producing results.

Words of Wisdom from an Autism Mother

In this video series, we asked current ABC parents to give advice to families of newly diagnosed children. In this video, Carol (mother of Sam, age 4) describes what it was like for her to hear her son’s diagnosis as well as the advice that she wants to give to families currently struggling with Autism.

To hear the full story of Carol’s son, click here.