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What Type of Therapy Does the Applied Behavior Center Do?

All seven of our locations treat patients with autism on a one-on-one basis with a treatment known as applied behavior analysis (ABA). ABA therapy uses proven procedures to increase desired behaviors, such as speech, social and daily living skills, and decrease unwanted behaviors, such as tantrums and aggression. These techniques can be used in structured settings (e.g., classrooms and therapy clinics) and more natural settings (e.g., playgrounds and restaurants). ABA has been used successfully with people of all ages, with and without disabilities, in a variety of settings to promote independence, quality of life, and happiness. Once a child receives a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it’s important to find treatment options that address your child’s specific difficulties and maximize his/her strengths. ABA therapy has the best track record of scientifically demonstrating effectiveness. At The Applied Behavior Center for Autism, we strive to set your child on a course for future success. Whether your family is seeking year-round therapy or a therapeutic boost during the summer months, The Applied Behavior Center for Autism has an option for you. To learn more about The Applied Behavior Center for Autism, contact Sheiletha Quinn, Director of Business Development at 317-849-5437, ext 112.

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