What are MANDS and Why Do We Need to Teach Them?

  As a parent, has your little bundle of joy ever screamed at the top of their lungs?  Have you ever rushed around trying to give them different things, but had no real idea what they really want …

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Toys & Games To Help Build Speech & Language Skills

Shopping List Ideas – Toys & Games to Help Build Speech & Language Skills  It’s that time of year!  One thing I am often asked by parents is suggestions for toys or activities they might be ab …

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What Are You Saying!?! – How to Decode ‘ABA Speak’ in Regards to Verbal Behavior

As you enter the world of ABA therapy for your child with autism, you will likely encounter a strange language.  ABA itself is an acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis.  What this means for you as a p …

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Where Should We Turn?

When our son Jayce was first diagnosed we weren’t sure where to start.  Our 2 year old had gone from grinning and engaging with us to not even acknowledging we were in the same room or even smiling fo …

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Repeat After Me – What to Know About Echolalia & How to Use it To Expand Expressive Communication

By: Emily Bess, M.A., CCC-SLP The Basics Echolalia is the repetition of words, parts of words, or phrases either immediately after it was said or with a delay. Many children with autism, especially th …

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