Colin’s Story: ABA and Education

Colin was a beautiful baby and he was always happy. He once won free Earth’s Best baby food and paraphernalia when we posted a video showing how excited he was to eat their baby food! We noticed early …

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Coloring the World, One Piece at a Time

“Before Reagun started attending ABC he was nonverbal, non responsive to certain situations, unsocial and aggressive. ABC has been a gift from GOD. The therapists and staff have worked with him on edu …

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Speech Sound Errors – How Can I Help My Child at Home?

By Emily Bess, M.A., CCC-SLP Have you ever been speaking to your child and thought to yourself, ‘What in the world did he just say?’ Articulation refers to the forming of clear and distinct sounds in …

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The Monge Family and ABC

“While stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia, Brock and Brody were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by a Developmental Pediatrician. My little guys were lucky enough to be diagnosed and receive …

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Special Needs Swim Lessons

History of ABC Swim Lessons Beginning in 1995, the CEO and Founder of The Applied Behavior Center Sherry Quinn’s son Michael was diagnosed with Autism. After searching nationwide for the care that he …

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