Evan’s Food Program Success

  “Evans’ eating program is a great success! Evan is an 8-year-old boy who is completely non-verbal but is currently making great strides in his therapy programs. He attends the Indianapolis Nort …

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Holly’s Autism Journey

“Holly is not just the face of Autism but also the face of success. I am Holly’s Grandmother. AKA Goo. A name she came up with and I have come to embrace. Holly was always different, I think we notice …

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Lucas’ Autism Journey

“Lucas was a happy toddler who loved playing with trains but at 2 years old he struggled with communicating, eye contact and developmental milestones.  Screaming and crying were every day occurrences …

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Isaac’s Autism Journey

Isaac was 4 when he started attending The Applied Behavior Center for Autism. It was somewhat hard sending our little guy off for 8 hours a day, but from day 1, everyone at ABC was so wonderful in mak …

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Charlie’s Journey: Building a Brighter Future at ABC

Charlie was a chubby, happy little baby who loved to play and smile but at 18 months old, he still had zero verbal skills. He could laugh and make animal noises but could not speak. Watching closely, …

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