Behavior Consulting & Social Skills

ABC’s Behavior Consulting Services is offered as an additional service option that is paired with our other therapy services.

What is Behavior Consulting?

All ABC Behavior Consulting service options provide an individualized program designed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts that focus upon building the foundational social skills beginning with social perception (such as how others body language provides cues on how we should behave), social language concepts such as more complex language skills that include idioms, inferences, innuendos, allusions, and more.

Next, services typically move into small group peer sessions that are facilitate by our therapist and BCBAs. Several researched based interventions and programs are used with specific lessons targeted for each child or small group. These lessons are then communicated to parents via our electronic data collection system that parents can access at any time as well as with worksheets that allow families and children to practice outside of therapy session.

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