Amy LaDew

Amy LaDew

Program Coordinator, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst
812-478-5437 Ext. 320
Terre Haute Center

Her Role: Program Coordinator, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

Her story: Amy has worked with children with autism and related disorders in a variety of settings since 2002. Amy has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Master's in Special Education. She attended Florida Institute of Technology for her behavior analyst certification. She has been a respite provider, a one-on-one aide in a preschool, direct support professional in a group home, a special education teacher and an in home ABA therapist. She has spent 6 years as a special education teacher for a private day school for children with autism.

Her Heart: "I knew I wanted to work with children my whole life. I thought I wanted to work in a day care and then I discovered autism when I was 19. I soaked up all the information I could obtain on autism and ran with it. While it took me a while to discover exactly where I wanted to be, I feel that I am now complete as a BCBA. I love figuring out what works best for each child and their family. Im looking forward to working on any of the skills that will allow the children to grow to whatever they are meant to be."

Her Specialty: Special education/skill acquisition and functional communication