Emilee Flesher

Emilee Flesher

Supervision Student & RBT

Richmond Center

Role: Supervision Student

Story: I started working with ABC a little over a year ago and fell in love with all of the kids I worked with. Later in the year I took a position to help with management at the Richmond location and realized that I missed being with the kids, and that is where I truly needed to be. Shortly after returning to the floor working will all my kids once again, I took the position as a Supervision Student. In this role I will be learning the responsibilities of a program coordinator through shadowing the PC's at Richmond, as well as starting my coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University.

Heart: My heart has held children with special needs for a very long time. My story really starts on a personal level with an immediate family member whom I've learned a great deal from. From this experience I have grown into the therapist and professional I am today. Pairing this relationship with all of those created here at ABC my heart is always with the kids. I strive to be better so that I can encourage them to be better for themselves.