Sara Clark

Sara Clark

Richmond Branch Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst
765-987-5437 Ext. 215
Richmond Center

Her Role: Richmond Branch Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst

Her Story: Sara graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech pathology and audiology then completed her coursework for behavior analysis at Florida Institute of Technology. She has worked at ABC for over 2 years working with children in the home, school, and center settings. Before joining the ABC team, Sara worked with adults with challenging behavior in a community assisted living setting.

My Heart: "I realized quite young that I wanted to find a way to devote my life to improving the lives of people with special needs. I have been greatly blessed to find my home at ABC working with children increasing their independence and quality of life. I have also found great joy in working with the families of these amazing children. Every child I have work with at ABC has been unique and wonderful in their own way. I wake up excited to help make a difference for these children and their families every day."

Her Specialty: Therapist Training, Speech and Language, and the Treatment of Challenging Behavior