Sarah Silvers

Sarah Silvers

Carmel Branch Board Certified Behavior Analyst
317-573-5437 Ext. 108
Carmel Center

Her Role: Carmel Branch Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Her Story: In 2001, Sarah began her ABA career, as a home therapist working with children diagnosed with Autism. In 2005, she received Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Purdue University. Sarah joined the ABC team in 2006 and continued to pursue her ABA career. In 2009 she received her Master’s Degree in Special Education from Ball State University and in 2010 became a BCBA. With over 15 years of ABA experience, Sarah has helped individuals between the ages of 3-55+, vocal and non-vocal, to transition to school, participate in social events, gain more independence, and to communicate.

Her Heart: "The best part about what I do is seeing the changes in the lives of the children and their families. I enjoy being a part of a child learning their first words and being able to communicate to their parents when they want or need something. I really enjoy when a parent tells me about how their child crawled up into their lap and just sat with them last night, for the first time ever."

“Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”-Walt Disney.