About Us


In 1995, Sherry Michael’s life changed forever when her 2-year-old son Michael was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). At the time, ASD was a rare diagnosis. In fact, Michael was the first child in his school district diagnosed with autism.

It All Started With One…

In the midst of the emotional roller coaster that comes with an autism diagnosis, Sherry began her search for the best possible treatment for her son.

After extensive research, she chose Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy because it offered scientific, evidence-based treatment and results. Unfortunately, there were no ABA therapy centers in Indiana at that time.

Sherry changed that. She began consulting in 1995 and started offering therapy programs and special needs swim lessons in her home in 1997, becoming Indiana’s first ABA provider.

Since then, the Applied Behavior Center for Autism has opened 12 centers throughout Indiana, and we are continuing to grow in our mission to build brighter futures for individuals with autism.

Our Mission

The mission of The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is to provide the highest quality ABA and Verbal Behavior therapy and consulting services to children and their families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders to Build Brighter Futures. We do this by providing proven researched based ABA methodologies delivered by highly qualified and certified professionals. Our programs focus on increasing language skills, social skills, daily living, and reducing problematic behavior.