Occupational Therapy

Now Enrolling Speech & OT only patients

While ABA therapy works to change behaviors through positive reinforcement, some children with autism struggle with environmental factors, not behavioral ones. That’s where occupational therapy steps in. At the Applied Behavior Center for Autism we seamlessly blend the sciences of ABA and occupational therapy to provide the maximum benefit to each child. Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) have previous and ongoing experience and training in the field of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Skills Developed

Activities of Daily Living

Dressing, bathing, toileting and hygiene tasks, grooming, feeding and eating, functional mobility, etc.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Care of pets, communication management, health management, chores, meal preparation and cleanup, safety and emergency maintenance, shopping, etc.

Rest and Sleep


Play Exploration and Participation

Leisure Exploration and Participation

Social Participation with Family and Friends

Benefits of OT

Building New Frames of Reference

Is your child is having difficulty with basic self-care activities like getting dressed, eating, and brushing his or her own teeth? Our OTs will analyze how your child completes each activity, then teach him or her new ways of doing things or assist with the development of necessary physical, mental, and perceptual skills.

Coping with Sensory Overload

Many children with autism have sensory sensitivities and react negatively to daily sensory experiences. Our OTs will analyze your child’s reactions to sensory stimuli and create ways to support your child when he or she becomes distressed or expresses discomfort, eventually creating coping skills for when things don’t go as planned. Your therapy can take place in the center, home, community, or even our swimming pool.

Playing Well with Others

Have you noticed that your child has difficulty playing at developmentally appropriate levels? Our OTs will use their expertise to determine new ways for your child to play, teach behaviors like sharing, and provide ways to build up to new experiences based on your child’s particular skills and challenges. 


Sessions are offered weekly to any child enrolled at ABC on an as-needed basis


We’ll conduct an initial one-hour evaluation with your child, and you’ll receive a written report within one week.


Most insurance providers cover 20-30 one-hour sessions annually.