Speech Therapy

Now Enrolling Speech & OT only patients

Individuals with autism have some of the brightest, most creative, and most interesting minds of anybody you’ll meet. However, some simply struggle to verbalize and communicate their thoughts. That’s where our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) step in. Our in-house SLPs work alongside our clinical team to help treat speech and language deficits in children with autism. Speech therapy, when provided in conjunction with ABA, provides our learners with the tools they need to verbalize their thoughts, hold meaningful conversations, and open up their beautiful minds to those around them.

Skills Developed


Individual or patterns of speech sounds

Receptive Language

Understanding what is being communicated

Expressive Language

Expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings


Using verbal and nonverbal communication to relate to adults and peers


Organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering, planning, and problem solving

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Using alternative means of communication to be able to communicate effectively

Verbal Behavior Approach

The verbal behavior approach encourages language learning by the means of connecting words with their purpose. Instead of simply labeling things, children learn to use language to make requests and share thoughts and ideas.

There are four different functions in the verbal behavior approach:

Mands are requests for wants and needs; when a child indicates “cookie,” they are immediately given a cookie and learn that communicating can have positive results.

Tacts are comments that share experiences or draw attention; when a child says “train” if they see a train or a picture of a train, they are sharing that experience with those around them.

Intraverbals refer to communication exchanges such as answering questions or making a comment about something someone else has said.

Echoics refer to repeating words or phrases from someone else in order to learn to use them on their own.


Sessions are offered weekly to any child enrolled at ABC on an as-needed basis


Our SLPs will work with your child on his or her individualized plan for 30-45 minutes.


All plans include strategies for therapists and parents to work on throughout the week.