Our Approach

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism isn’t your average autism therapy provider. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. We put our families and our kids first, providing each child with a personalized, multi-faceted plan to help them reach their greatest outcome, no matter what it takes. Because ABC is more than a business – it’s a family that has been growing for over two decades.

Parent-Oriented, Data-Driven

We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to provide families with a comprehensive plan tailored to the unique needs of their child and family.

ABA uses a variety of assessments to develop a treatment plan that emphasizes scientifically-validated teaching methods and techniques uniquely designed to enhance the life of the individual and bring out positive change in behavior. Data is collected daily and entered into our digital tracking system, which tracks each child’s goals, behaviors, and progress. Parents can log in at any time to view the daily updates to their child’s program.

  • Individualized programs designed to improve the life of the child and family
  • Naturalistic/incidental teaching
  • Formal training program for parents and family members at no cost
  • Opportunity to observe your child in the therapeutic environment
  • Unique structure with support from clinical and operations
    • Every family is assigned to a Behavior Analyst for clinical support as well as a Branch Manager


Complete Care

Autism is a spectrum – no two children are alike, so no two treatment plans should be alike. Which is why we offer a multi-faceted approach to autism treatment by combining ABA therapy, behavior consultation, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, creating just the right mix for each child depending on his or her needs. As each child progresses we update his or her program to steadily transition them to the next target. All with the goal of helping each child reach his or her greatest potential, whatever that may be.

  • Emphasis on planning for transitions from the first day of therapy
  • Teaching in all environments, including home, schools, and community
  • Teaching toward independence in all areas
  • Collaboration with outside resources, including mental health providers


More Than a Business

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is more than a business – it’s a family. A family that started in 1997 when Sherry Michael began ABA therapy and swim lessons with her son, Michael, in their home. Friends and family soon took notice of the results and asked Sherry to work with their children, so she began offering ABA therapy in her basement, becoming Indiana’s first ABA provider.

Even as the company has grown to 12 centers and over 300 employees, this family-first approach has never changed. We always prioritize people over profits, and we are always willing to take on the most challenging children. Because we know the struggle that parents face when their child is diagnosed with autism – Sherry has been living that struggle for over two decades – and we want to help each and every child that walks through our doors reach his or her highest potential.