At the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, we pride ourselves on offering full-service care to each and every one of our families. This includes insurance and funding. We will handle 100% of your insurance processing, and work with you to find the right combination of insurance, grants, scholarships, and private pay to ensure that your child receives the services they need.

Full-Service Care

We handle the following for all of our therapy and consulting patients:

Pre-Authorization for Services

We contact your current insurance provider to complete all the initial paperwork, as well as work with the child’s treating physician.

Re-Authorizations for Services

We complete all assessment, progress, and treatment program information to send to the insurance company to extend services through required re-authorizations.

Billing and Insurance Submissions

We complete all billing and insurance submissions on the patient’s behalf.

Denied Claims Corrections

We correct any denied, unpaid, or incorrectly paid claims on the patient’s behalf.

Indiana Autism Insurance Mandate – Private Insurance

DID YOU KNOW? Our Founder and President, Sherry Michael, was highly instrumental in getting the Indiana Autism Insurance Mandate passed.

The Indiana Autism Insurance Mandate requires health insurance plans (HMOs, group plans, and individual plans) regulated by the state of Indiana to cover treatment for autism spectrum disorders. Private health insurance companies may provide coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and consulting services. We can help patients determine if their insurance covers these treatments.

Grants and Scholarships

At ABC, our team has researched and pulled together over 20 grants and scholarships available to families to help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for our services. Please contact us today to find out more about these available funds.

Accepted Insurance Plans


We accept most insurance and medicaid network providers for both ABA therapy and diagnostic testing, including self-funded plans and Medicaid. To check your coverage, contact us today.

* An autism spectrum disorder diagnosis is required by insurance providers to receive ABA therapy.


We are excited to announce that Indiana’s Medicaid Hoosier Care Connect program has opened it’s networks to allow coverage of ABA therapy!

Program Details

  • Can be combined with Children’s Special Health Care Services, other insurance, and grants
  • Transportation available by outside Medicaid providers
  • Child must have an autism spectrum diagnosis from a medical provider
    • We offer medical diagnostic evaluations in-house – click here to learn more

Services Covered by Medicaid

  • Center-based ABA therapy
  • Behavior consulting
  • Speech Therapy & Occupational
  • Dx testing

Accepted Networks