Diagnostic Testing

Suspect autism? The Applied Behavior Center for Autism offers in-house diagnostic evaluation and testing with shorter wait times. We have trained clinicians on staff to evaluate your child and determine whether they are on the autism spectrum. An autism diagnosis is required to receive authorization for ABA services.

Diagnostic Testing Process

Our team will verify your coverage.

An administrator will contact your insurance provider to verify coverage for a diagnostic evaluation. A referral from your child’s pediatrician will also be requested, unless billing through private pay.

Parents call to schedule an appointment.

Fill out our referral form to schedule an appointment.

Diagnostic testing is conducted at our corporate Indianapolis, IN area location.

Our clinical staff will observe and evaluate your child.

Our team will review the results and determine a diagnosis.

Results are typically available in 2 weeks.

Comprehensive report and summary of scores are submitted to the family.

Written results, as well as recommendations for the family, will be delivered as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child already has an autism diagnosis from their school?

A medical diagnosis of autism is required in order for insurance to authorize ABA services. If the child only has a diagnosis through the school, another diagnostic evaluation will need to be completed in order to obtain ABA services.

What if my child’s pediatrician will not refer my child to be tested for autism?

A doctor referral is not needed if parents choose to use private pay instead of billing through insurance.

Who does the testing?

Diagnostic testing is conducted by our licensed Clinical Psychologist.

What are the age requirements for testing?

We test up to the age of 12.


No months-long waitlist for diagnostic testing!


We are in-network with most insurance providers. To check your coverage, contact us today.


Billed through insurance provider or private pay. This includes the time for report writing.

We are currently conducting testing in two parts. The first is a telehealth session and then the follow-up is an in-person appointment at our Indy North location (7901 E. 88th St. Indianapolis, IN 46256).