Community-Based ABA Therapy

Community-based ABA therapy at the Applied Behavior Center for Autism helps address problem areas and develop skills across community settings such as churches, grocery stores, and schools. These programs, which can be combined with or incorporated into our center-based therapy, ensure that the progress each child shows during therapy continues when they’re out in the community.


ABC’s school-based programs offer families full-time or part-time services within partnering schools, preschools, and daycares. All therapy is individualized and done on a one-on-one setting with weekly visits by the behavior analysts overseeing the program.

  • Available in select schools (public and private) across Indiana
  • Focus on generalizing skills into the school environment
  • Guidance on IEP planning and focus on creating supports to increase success in the school environment
  • Can be combined with home and/or center-based treatment


ABC’s community programs focus on maintaining appropriate behavior across a variety of settings. Below are a few examples of our programs and the skills that are practiced.

  • Grocery Stores: waiting in line, using a list, social interactions, accepting “no”
  • Fast Food: tolerating crowds, waiting in line, using a menu, accepting “no”, appropriate table manners
  • Libraries: waiting in line, adapting behavior to the environment (staying quiet)
  • Volunteering: pre-vocational skills (taking out the trash, wiping tables, etc.)